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Beginning in 2009, XLD (originally Grain, now Commodities) has grown to be a trusted Tasmanian Agribusiness, with three grain receival sites across the state and head office in Evandale. 

XLD purchase grain and oilseed from local growers throughout summer harvest, and supply this grain to customers during the year. We also supply stockfeed and fertiliser, offering price surety on all sales and purchases using forward price, of up to three years. 

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XLD Commodities' mission is to be a trusted partner to Tasmanian growers and agribusinesses. It is our goal to support the continued growth of the Tasmanian agricultural industry by providing tools to growers, creating opportunities in the industry, and carrying ourselves with honesty and transparency.


Growth - In the Tasmanian agricultural industry, our people and the community.

Trust, Loyalty and Knowledge - We will be there when farmers and consumers need us. 

Innovation - We will continue to find ways to improve operations to benefit our customers through the use of economic analysis, and technological advancements.


Our Difference


Truth and Trust

We provide a source of truth and trust to consumers and growers, supported by our board's long and established career histories in the trading and agricultural industries. We aim to provide valuable insights and expertise to customers.


Price Surety

We differentiate ourselves by providing price surety to consumers and growers, offering locked in contracts up to 3 years into the future for grain and stockfeed and 12 months for fertilisers. XLD provides daily grain prices by region for the current year and two years into the future.


Local Expertise

Having a team of Tasmanians gives us a strong understanding of the state and induvial regions. Our experience is transferable, and can be applied to a range of business types and target markets. 

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