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XLD Commodities offer a range of pricing and contract options to meet storage, logistics and cash flow needs.

Contract Comparison Chart

Fixed Price Contract

✓  Delivered or ex farm contract

✓  Lock into a known price

✓  Known cash flow in advance

✓  Ability to use own storage

Warehouse Contract

✓  Secure storage for your grain

✓  Participate in post-harvest price fluctuations

✓  Flexibility to price part or all of grain at any time up until July 30

✓  Storage fees are payable until the price is fixed  

Additional Options

Fixed and warehoused contract comparison chart

Take Advantage of Your On-Farm Storage

✓  Use your own storage and get paid for the storage of your grain on-farm

✓  Take advantage of direct to consumer freight efficiencies

✓  XLD Commodities will pay you to store grain at farm. 


✓  XLD Grain can provide pricing options for grain stored on farm on either an ex-farm or delivered basis.

Purchased on a buyer’s call (XLD Commodities will call for delivery when it is required). 

✓ XLD Commodities arrange and pay for freight (ex-farm); or 

✓ You arrange and pay for delivery (delivered consumer / delivered silo).

Deferred Payment Option

✓  Can be used in conjunction with all XLD Commodities contracts

✓  Choose a payment date from July 1st  to help manage your financial position

✓  Receive interest on the amount deferred

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