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Approved by major grass-fed programs.  

Our grain-free pellet provides many benefits, both nutritional and financial. Created in partnership with Irwin Stockfeed, XLD are the unique provider of this blend. The pellet is compatible with the grass-fed market, however is a beneficial option for all livestock systems.


Additional Benefits:

  • Grain free pellets are approved for use in grain-free programs run by Coles, JBS and Greenham.

  • A versatile pellet that can be used in lamb, beef and dairy systems.

  • Safe for calves over three months, providing the option of utilising a grain-free program.

At XLD, we recognise that not all livestock operations can feed whole grain. For this reason, we offer stockfeed pellets, key benefits of using pellets include:

  • Animals receive precise and consistent supply of protein, energy, minerals, and nutrients instead of an average.

  • Steam-treated pellet enhances protein digestion in the rumen, improving conversion efficiency and reducing waste.

  • Can be used in addition to whole grain feed, to provide essential vitamins and minerals, and is suitable to run through crushers.

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