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At XLD, we recognise that not all livestock operations can feed whole grain.


In partnership with Irwin Stockfeed, we have developed a range of stockfeed pellets for the dairy, cattle and sheep production systems.


Our stockfeed comes in pellet form- providing superior digestibility and conversion, when compared to a loose mix alternative.


The range includes our grain free pellets - approved by major supermarkets and meat exporters to be used their in ‘grain free programs.’

XLD offer forward contracts on all stockfeed, locking prices in up to three years in advance. 

Contact Trent Hardwicke for contract or purchase enquiries. 

0417 386 363


About Irwins


Irwin Stockfeed is a proud, family-owned business located in Victoria. Irwin have a state-of-the-art stockfeed mill in Lang Lang, Victoria, and a mill in Kyabram in the Goulburn Valley.


Irwins specialise in the manufacture of quality stockfeeds for all ruminant species.


Irwins have been manufacturing and delivering quality stock feed for over 30 years.

All ingredients used by Irwin are sourced from Australia. 

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