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Fertiliser Comment and Pricing

By Ben Seamer

Urea Comments

  • US Gulf Urea Nola up $100 this week

  • Focus of urea market continues to be the lack of Chinese exports and if they will come back on the scene and European Production

  • Without Chinese exports resuming the market remains tighter than normal

  • Russia now threatening to reduce Natural Gas Shipments to Europe by 40%

  • Only once facility has had a short term closure in Europe – Azomures

  • Fear of a bearish situation is if European Nat Gas values fall, Chinese exports resume and Nitrogen demand goes away for several weeks (we are currently in a dead demand period)

Phosphates Comments

  • As the spring season winds down ahead of a summer fill program, buyers aren’t rushing back to the table due to a poor spring demand in the US

  • Global balance sheet for phosphates remains tight as we wait to see if China comes back to the table

  • Their original ban was meant to end in June 22, after a 2 month COVID Lockdown for the worlds busiest port Shanghai, the worlds top phosphate exporter China has been kept quiet

  • Support for higher phosphate market continues from absence of limited Russian tonnes and Chinese supply into the market

Local SSP prices are lower this week.


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